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Originally Posted by M3Rad View Post
If you cannot drop 4 secs between wider A6 and stock PS2 at an autocross (using a 60 secs course as a baseline), you might be under driving the A6. This is not applicable in the rain, so it is definitely surface condition dependent.
The wider tires are probably worth 0.3 to 0.5 all else being equal.

You should try running both tires on the same car at the same event. Last time I did this the difference was a lot less than 4s. I have not tried A6s on the E92 M3 yet. I have tried race & street tires on the old E46 where the V700 (older Kuhmo) was about 1.9s faster than my street tires. On the elise I have measured the hoosiers as about 0.5s faster than the 048s (M). Now this is on one lot (fine grain concrete), test at a different lot and results will vary.

[edit] The last GRM tire test had:
Street Tires:
1. 42.984 Falken Azenis RT-615
2. 43.254 Falken Azenis RT-215
3. 43.287 Yokohama Advan Neova
4. 43.511 Hankook R-S2 Z212
5. 43.762 Kumho Ecsta MX
6. 43.855 BFGoodrich g-force T/A KD

Track Tires:
1. 41.008 Kumho Ecsta V710
2. 41.142 Hoosier A3S05
3. 41.217 Hankook Z214 C70
4. 42.428 Yokohama A032R S

The A6 is slightly faster than the A5, espically on camber challenged cars.
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