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Originally Posted by Accounting4Speed
I've done both numerous times. I am a promponent of shipping the car if you have the money. Driving long distances yourself insures that you'll get some lovely chips and scratches, since you'll be driving over 55 mph for all of it. If you do drive, avoid driving during peak hours, morning and early evening near metropolitan areas.
To ship your car, I'd recommend Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS). They have a variety of options, but you are looking in the ballpark of $1,200 to ship a car cross country in an enclosed carrier, that is important always use an enclosed carrier.
$1200 I can live with for close container
I may have to call these guys up! The guys Im buying the car from is mucho dinero attorney, swapping his M3 with a Ferrari, and he highly recommend intercity lines close container transport. They deal with high end cars like Porches. but $$$$$$$

It was fun seeing their video
but that cost mucho! dinero! $1800.00
I dunno what to do!

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