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thks Jason!
Originally Posted by Asiann
I would recommend going with an enclosed transport as they are not liable for damages that can occur from other drivers or debris from trucks. I had my new 06 Jetta transported from SC to Hawaii and it sustained $4000 in body damage that the transport company would not cover because they said that it was normal. I went with a reputable company that was in the business for 30 years and I did not know they booked the transport with another carrier. They basically paid some guy to haul my car across the country ona big transport with other cars. I will never do that again. I plan on driving my cars from LA to wherever the military send me next. It was really bad and I had to get my insurance company to cover it. It was contanerized from LA and then shipped here to Hawaii. It was actually a good thing since I got rid of it for the BMW. If it were me, I would just drive it myself and some headache.
I had driven x-country once, LA-NY, 4 days by myself, but thats when i was a spring chicken, lolz.
I thought about that too! spoke to my better half, and what fun it would be to drive a M3-cabrio x-country
But I think most are correct, either drive it, or choose the finest close carrier for $1800. ;(
Im just pissed a car like that cant be found locally, most here are high miles, color selection is EKKKK! for my taste.
If I choose transport this car will really be expensive, the couple of Ks I save would be out the door.
Im torned, but I hate to see the car go! 02 steel-gray cab! w/ 21k miles, the car came from NoVa and will soon come home to NoVa.
Now I know how bella feels :mad:

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