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Originally Posted by Bob@BPS View Post
OMFG!! Did anyone else besides Brad & me watch that video. Leh, you were passing people like they were standing still. My only question is why you started off so far back in the pack when your lap times were so much faster than everyone else's? OR, were we seeing you lap other cars?

I checked Brembo BBK, but admittedly I'm a little partial because BPS is a Brembo dealer. :-)

Here's one bit of experience I can offer. I just got my new E92 M3 last Monday. I've spent the past month parting out my E46 M3. I had an AP Racing BBK with 6-pistons front and 4-pistons rear. It was a huge shock after driving that car for 3 years with aftermarket brakes to go back to stock. I'm just amazed how much braking power I've lost on that car. Compared to the AP kit, the pedal feels mushy and the travel is at least twice as far before the car begins to slow. They WILL stop, but you have have to stand on them a little more.

Now the NEW of the things I was most impressed with the E92 M3 was how much better the brakes are than the stock E46 M3. BUT...I don't personally believe you can have too much stopping power, AND they still feel mushy compared to my old AP Racing BBK.

My car only has 300 miles, but as soon as it is broken in, the mods will begin and Brembo it right at the top of the list. Great brakes, great people to work with, and a recognizable name that will add prestige to your car. The stock brakes are good, but I want that super car feeling I had in my E46 M3.

Brembo here I come!! My $0.02.

i qualified first for that race... but got DQd for blocking on the warmup lap for the qualy session.. me and 2 buddy's (they were both in GT3 Cup cars) decided to block the guys behind us so we could get clean laps..... the organizes didn't like that... so i got in trouble... my 2 buddy's didn't tho.. they are the last 2 cars i pass in the video.... the white 997 cup and the green 996 cup... the video is of the first part of the Sprint race.... i started last....