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Originally Posted by RikuE90
Is your EVO IX? Is it the first EVO in the US?
Evo 8 was teh first in the US.

Originally Posted by EVO_S4
if its a whinning noise its the turbo, but if its phssss sound its the blowoff plus if he stock you wont be able to hear the blowoff
yup, but that's cuz stock evos don't have BOV's they recirculate.

Originally Posted by DLJJ3399
This Mitsu Evo raced me the other day!

What in the world was the sound coming from the engine?

The car sounded like an air-compressed robot about to attack me!

That thing was freakin' fast!

He was ahead by ˝ a car length then my car bogged
in first gear just as I was about to shift. Stupid speed governor!!! Can't wait for the Dinan download.

He lost me from there… He didn’t want to race at the next light.

But what in the world was that sound???
if it was stock, it's probably jsut the whistle of the turbo spooling...

i'm getting an evo x in 2008... wahahahhaa... evo's are fun. the '05 8's and the new 9's are super fast... crazy hp/torque numbers with just a few bolt ons (e46 m3 killers) with only a 2.0L 4 cyl and a moderately sized turbo. Also, the awd provides them with smoother/more even acceleration than your rwd...

don't ever try to race one of those bad ass cars ever again. 0-60 in 4.7, stock. to put it into some perspective, a stripped down e90 got 6th? or something in a time attack... the evo by bugformance (that orange works evo) got first, detuned to cap boost at 19psi (i believe).