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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
Is it just me or are all these charts just a bunch of wasted paper and time? In my opinion the only way to compare the cars is to get in and drive them. All these paper comparisons really don't mean anything. Spend all this time with these fancy formulas, talk about gearing, weight, torque, traction and whatever else, when all you really need to do is take the car for a ride. I mean when was the last time you flipped on the tv to watch a race and you see two guys sitting down comparing dyno charts? You don't, you see cars being driven. The only thing that counts is who crosses the finish line first.
-just my opinion on dyno charts and formulas.
This is the a classic but massively uniformed point of view that represent to a great extent to death of true performance. If you care to look at the details you will find the that the butt-o-meter really pales in comparison with the accelerometer. In that same theme perhaps you can "inform" all of the F1 teams the telemetry/data acquisition is "over rated". They would laugh you all they way out of the pits. Similarly tell all the thousands of engineers from every specialty you can not even imagine, that care in ultimate minutia about the % of esoteric compounds in your tires, the bearing tribology in your your crankshaft, the flame front in your combustion chamber, the high speed data buses in your entire vehicle, the crush zones that protect your life... I could go on and on. Just in case you weren't aware, all of these folks care infinitely more about formulae and physics than what a car "feels like" when driving it. It seems fairly clear that you have no clue about the amazing correlation between you seat of the pants experience and the collective effort and knowledge captured by spreadsheet upon spreadsheet.

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