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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
Edit: PS - I am ignoring dynamic rotational inertia factors which vary gear by gear, since I don't feel like arguing the point anymore with lucid and Swamp. Suffice it to say that, this factor included, you still need to maximize average power at the wheels to get best acceleration.
Bruce, just caught your side note here. Nobody said that rotational inertia is not an issue or that its torque effects are not higher at lower gears where rotational accelerations are naturally higher. You know very well that Swamp and I have been arguing those effects scale linearly with rotational accelerations and are not as big as you claimed they are for the two vehicles we were considering for the drag race on that thread, which are operating in not so different rpm ranges as they accelerate. Never mind the highly likely possibility that the M3 has less rotational inertia to begin with.

I just wanted to set the positions straight as your note makes it sound like we were denying rotational inertia was relevant. I actually acknowledged that in that thread before you brought it up with you posts.

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