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Nice post Kingleh just some highlights from your info from the forum members:
those whom use their M3 as intended @ the track:

1.i'll just say this...before i knew how many pistons there were in the stock brakes, i said the brakes were the only thing that could remotely be improved. i'm not saying the stock brakes are lame, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

2.I am getting the Rotora system when I can do it. I already spoke to Loren and have the system on my current was a HUGE positive change and I can't wait to get another set of red cherries for the new car.

3.Fluid boiled on two different days though. Needs to be upgraded...

4.After this quote(Originally Posted by masmole
I vote stock and I track quite often, and with many different cars in the past. Been attending DE's and open track days since 1999. I've experienced 2 full seasons on my heavier E60 M5 with a nearly identical caliper design as the E92 M3 and those brakes were stellar for even longer 30 minute sessions,)

the truth comes out--Maby you gotta mash the pedal a lil harder!... i experience fade with a E60 M5 in 5 laps.. on a track that is very nice to brakes.... Autobahn and Road America (assuming thats where your tracking most) are much harder on brakes then the place i was at (Roebling Road)....

anyways.. i lost trust in the brakes after the 4th lap.. then on the 5th i was having to brake 50 feet earlier...

5. I HAVE to throw in an IDIOTIC post by ARTPE -others subcumb to 'bling', BMW doesn't
(obviously Art cant spell TRACK!)

6.The BBKs from Brembo and Stoptech both offer over 20 pounds in weight savings as well. If money was no object, you would be crazy to pick the OEM brakes.

7.No doubt, there are better things you can do for the money. The ROI on BBK for the M3 is very small. But this is a money is no object question according to KINGLEH so the answer to the poll is a no brainer.

8.ACE 996 has the best clear headed post-Single piston brakes ...OK...if someone would find ONE race team that prefers the sliders over multipiston Iwould be amazed. Funny how every car I've ever seen that has an ability (within the rules) to change the brakes on a car
for racing goes to Brembo/Alcon/Stoptech/AP. I've never seen a team stick with sliders.

Sliders over Brembos...that's not even funny.

9.This is FUN! ARTPE comes up with more IDIOCY -"in case you didn't realize...the e9x M3 IS a STREET car.." I guess NOBODY GOES TO THE TRACK with a M3? what the crap am I passing all the time then?

10. Kingleh how do you put up with ART?

11. Ace comes through AGAIN-
Someone please find one race team (non-poseur bling people) that chooses to stay with the stock sliders for their braking needs.... just one...

12. Wheres M3 kevin and SeriousM?

13.heck if money were no cost lets just have carbon ceramic brakes. (Let ME tell you DAMN good choice same brakes on my car!)

14.ACE AGAIN (ARTPE he is KILLING YOU!!!)Exactly why I love my Brembos on my STI and exactly why I would love them on my (within two weeks) M3 coupe. It would certainly be disappointing if my new M3 needed upgaded calipers for HPDEs with R-compounds.

Guess which brakes found their way onto the new ALMS M3???

"Front brake system: Six-piston aluminium brake calipers, inner-vented grey-cast iron brake disks 380mm in diameter

Rear brake system: Four-piston aluminium brake calipers, grey-cast iron brake disk, 332mm in diameter"

If the stock hardware is so good, why didn't they use it???...

Be good,

15. Poor Kingleh having to put up with this crap--thats just not true...
driving hard enough... you will cook stock M brakes.....
drive harder!

16.King starts hitting harder-i bet your friend is Jonathan Czarny.... Onelap is 3 laps.. It would be hard to cook stock M5 brakes in that time...
it took me 5 laps...
But like you said.. what you can do with that money.... in the poll money is not an issue.. but in real life.. it is.....
but i wont be doing a BBK either... i will just deal with the stock brakes...

16.Kingleh keeps speaking the truth--- actually.. now that i think about it...
how much experience do you have? (probably NONE otherwise he would have
cooked his brakes)
ive had about 50 days on the track so far this year.... not all in a M...

17.LEH comes back with
a great comment after some idiot posted a braking record wiht the E92 Pssssss ON THE TRACK YOU STOP MORE THAN ONCE IDIOT!)
I actually took Jon for a ride in a new GTR...
: )

18.GAWD here is a guy who read the WHOLE THREAD and he comes up with this!:
As far as how well your brakes will do at getting you stopped the next time you use them, either on the track or in traffic, is more a function of rotor design and pad selection than the number of pistons.


19.AND FINALLY ACE99 FINISHES this with this comment LOADED with Truth and video of Lehs driving and experience:Leh is extremely humble, more so than most. I've been familiar with his track work for a few years, starting with the STI (the white one with gold wheels and the injen intake), to the P-cars. Go to Google video and search for
'Leh Keen' and entertain yourself for a bit....some very nice driving there.
Here's one I like from Watkins Glenn-

Again, he is very humble and I'm amazed he's stayed in this riduculous discussion for this long.

The original question was wouldwe choose the stock brakes or Brembo 6/4 pots from the factory? Like when filling out our order form, one of the costless options would be Brembo 6/4 brakes or leave them stock.
I cannot fathom how anyone would not check that box, especially if you go to the track (which is where this car belongs).
Think about if you would really not check that box...

Leh THIS is my LAST post on this forum. I was appalled at the continued idiocy of the people here. I asked a simple question last week and got blasted mostly by the children here. I dont know how a serious MDriver can stay on this forum. This discussion alone shows you that you cant ask a regular question without pure idiocy coming to fore.

The question from ACE BEGS to be ANSWERED!!!!!

Never was answered (We know why)

Leh I asked this question on the and go to the 997 GT3 forum. We all track (90%) and there are many that have Mcars NONE with stock brakes.
They all said that you have to change to TRACK!!!
One Guy Jeff from the South and callsign on Rennlist is FRAYED has had
A Ferrari 430, a 996 GT3, a 997 GT3 and he keeps coming back to his M3 (not a

Leh I welcome you to Rennlist.
Also 6 Speed probably has a more mature forum than here.
with a BMW forum there.
Seems as though a bunch of kids like ARTPE (an engineer!LOL!!!!) and M3Kevin
and SeriousM bring this whole forum down. Maybe mommy has a M3 and Art
posts to pretend he knows how to drive.

Good Luck to you guys and if someone sees my GT3 at Willow springs,
ButtonWillow, or Fontana PLEASE come by and say hello!! (Adults ONLY that
means You ARTPE and M3Kevin!! Probably cant afford a wrist band!)
My GT3 is easy to spot GT silver CF rear spoiler Fikse wheels with Dark spokes
I run with POC or Speedventurs or PCA and I have been to VARA events too.
Hope to see you guys (adults) on other forums.

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