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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
You guys would kill me if I told you how much I's grotesquely low (but still pretty expensive)...but it was part of a deal for me to dyno it -- before and after and give the results to the seller. Well, this weekend it's going on, and by Sunday I should have some performance numbers to post. We'll see if it makes power, or loses power. I'm going to bet it's a wash...but at least it looks cool under the hood.

Based on the dyno runs I've already done, and seeing how the intake works on this car, I seriously doubt these devices will make much, if any power. I mean, what can you do to get the air as far away from the heat sources as possible: 1) Take from the front of the car (check); 2) Take from front spoiler/wheel well area (check); Take from above the hood (check). The current intake already does all of these things. But it doesn't use a good insulator to keep the air cool -- and I'm hoping that's how the CF will do better. Other than using better insulators, I think it will be hard to see how a different intake will be better than the factory.

But we'll see this weekend, when I have a chance to before/after dyno test the Gruppe-M CAI.

Looking forward to your sure to post it in this thread!

As for making more power gains by using a different style intake, we will see once ASR has something to show us. He won't make it if it doesnt make power, he knows his shit and I know he will make power.

Only time will tell...
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