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Originally Posted by RVExotics View Post
He probably is the father, and it was a very stupid thing for him to do, especially in light of the current state of political affairs (no pun intended) and his wife's condition. I'm sure he's feeling pretty badly about it, and rightly so, as his political career in SC could be over.

Funny though how you can write it up like you did as though the very thought a democrat could do something like this just makes the entire party horrible, yet how many "moral" troubles have the republicans been having lately?

He made a very bad judgment call and will reap the rewards with his political career, or lack thereof. However, Edwards' moral failing may only result in the creation of a baby, a ruined marriage, and maybe the end of his career. How far reaching have some of the moral failings of republicans been of late?
I agree with you. We're in a time when Republican scandals are common place. Even Republicans readily admit their own brand is dog do. No surprise that a scandal involving a Democtrat would be a welcome respite from the scandals that have plagued them for the last few years. I expect them to try to make as much of it and keep it going as long as possible.

What JE did was / is patently wrong. He failed himself, his family and the people he advocated for who believed in him. He will now pay the price of public humiliation and condemnation and worst of all the shame of his family. There is justice in this. When we do wrong we must pay a price.

The irony is that conservatives and Republicans in their attempt to co-opt moral and religious authority and high ground, have held themselves and everyone else up to standards not even they can attain. Their own positions don't allow for the fact that we are all humans, imperfect and flawed by nature, and sometimes we fail ourselves and others. This is precisely why Republican's moral failings seem to garner more scrutiny, attention and judgement than those involving Democrats.

What's most interesting is the delight that some here seem to take at sticking the knife in deeper on JE and twisting it around for effect. Ironically calling attention to JE's failings just amplifies their own hypocrisy.

I'm not one to quote scripture but this little passage seems appropriate somehow: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.