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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
Pursue every angle. This includes the most feasible which is drilling. With real effort to develop alternative energy sources, we can reduce the dependence on oil (foreign and domestic). In the meantime, we must not destroy our economy. Utilize the abundant resources we have.

Drill for oil
Build nuclear power plants
Put up wind farms
Build hydro electric dams
Tap geothermal sources
Develop deep sea turbines for the gulf stream
Grow cheat grass for alcohol production
Mine shale and coal
Build solar power arrays
Make energy consumers more efficient
...and more

Do not punish industry for using energy.
Do not punish people for using energy.
Grow the economy by dropping barriers to domestic energy production.
The market will work if government backs off from it's lust to control us.
You should run for President -- all sides would be happy (and unhappy) with your plan