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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
I remember when regular gasoline was 28.9 cents per gallon. People freaked out at 50.9 cents per gallon. There was an actual shortage.

The lines of cars to the gas pumps were long. Many fueling stations ran out of gas with a long line of cars still waiting for their turn to fuel up.

Gasoline eventually went over $1 per gallon. The panic wasn't there because there was no shortage. Even at $4.50 per gallon there still is no shortage. What's it going to be like when there is a real shortage?

Drill. Drill. Drill. This is the answer.

Also, develop alternative energy sources. Stop turning our food into alcohol for fuel. T. Boone Pickens seems to have a decent plan. Use it as part of the solution.

I guess according to you, Tesla was the dumb ass to discover something new -- we should have stuck to candles and fire forever...

Drill, drill, drill...and pass this crap and worries to our kids and grandkids...

Why not focus more on alternative energy sources, and possibly abandon oil as soon as we can? Why not explore more of them instead of prolonging the agony for a few more years and temporarily lower the price of oil...
Maybe that is what you're suggesting in your last paragraph?

I listened to C. Crist (FL Gov) speach yesterday where he used word "IF" numerous times -- If there is enough, if drilling is clean, if no accidents will happen, if far from coast... Obviously, those who are pushing to drill off FL coast are not sure IF it is safe and if this would be a solution or possibly help the situation...