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I've done plenty of DE's and open track days and track pads and Castrol SRF worked fine for me. If you look at sheer stopping power the stock brakes are very good. If you run street pads and stock fluid on any system including a multi-piston set-up you will experience fade and you will probably boil your fluid. My good friend races his E60 M5 heavily, including the past 2 One Lap of America race and he uses stock brakes with race pads and Castrol SRF with no problems. If I were going to convert my car into a full race car I would probably go with multi piston brakes because, but then again I would also strip the interior, remove the AC, install a stack dash, etc. If you keep comparing what race teams do to their full fledged race cars to your street car that logic does not apply. If you can over work the stock M3 brakes with race pads and Castrol SRF you are a beast of a driver or you are running endurance races with your street car. BBK's look cool as shit but the improvement over the stock M3 brakes are minimal at best. The money I save on a BBK kit can buy me a set of track wheels and 2 sets of track tires, 2 sets of race pads, fluid and probably still have money left over. One more thing, I love when people get their BBK's install and give us a full review based on a couple of hard stops from 60-80 mph. "I can really feel the difference!! Wow!! Like night and day!!" Come on, are you being serious? Give me the review after you track the car and really put the brakes to work.