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Arrow DIY: Painted/Replace Side Vents

Video now available by bmstyle71:


i) Dupli-color paint, Dupli-color adhesive promoter, sandpaper, and MASK: I used bumper paint from Autozone as it creates a matte look; sandpaper (I chose 220 and 800); please buy a mask (I was blowing black paint out of my nose at the end of the day)
Aftermarket indicator covers

ii) Hex screwdriver
iii) Flathead screwdriver
iv) E9x M3


1. Remove the side vents by pinching and pulling the side vents out. Be careful not to pull out all the way as the side indicator cable is still connected.

2. Using a flathead, unhook the side indicator cable.

3. The side vent assembly has 4 parts: a) top cover, b) middle cover, c) chrome side indicator cover, and d) side indicator . Unattach (a) and (b) by pulling it *gently* but firmly away from (c) & (d).

4. Unscrew the side indicator (c) from it's chrome cover (d) using a hex driver.

OPTION 1: If you want to paint your own side vent
5. Either tape the ///M3 sticker or remove it by using a flathead screw driver.

6. Sand the turn signal cover. I used 220 and 800. But you can choose whatever you feel appropriate.

7. Paint the chrome cover (and the sticker). If you mess up, let dry, sand, and repaint.

8. Reassemble the components.

OPTION 2: If you are replacing it with an aftermarket part
5. Reassemble the components with your aftermarket cover.
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