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Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post
the main pro for the BBK is it is
1) much more resistant to fade.
2) less weight,
3) easier to change brake pads.
Exactly why I love my Brembos on my STI and exactly why I would love them on my (within two weeks) M3 coupe. It would certainly be disappointing if my new M3 needed upgaded calipers for HPDEs with R-compounds.

Guess which brakes found their way onto the new ALMS M3???

"Front brake system: Six-piston aluminium brake calipers, inner-vented grey-cast iron brake disks 380mm in diameter

Rear brake system: Four-piston aluminium brake calipers, grey-cast iron brake disk, 332mm in diameter"

If the stock hardware is so good, why didn't they use it???...

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