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Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post
oh yeah - "they" are talking about "something else".
I really want this to be my last post in this thread. The point of the thread is to compare and evaluate two driving schools. I have not done the M school but I have done many others. Some professional, others informal.

The reasons I would not recomend the BMW school:
1: The instructors pushed a one line fits all approach, despite full knowledge that it may not apply in all cases.

2: The school fosters a superiorty attitude with many of the instructors.

3: Due to severe traffic I was not able to practice turns at speed. The car behaves very differently at speed vs coasting speed.

4: I didn't have a good time at the event.

sayemthree, you seem to think this is about me trying to prove I am faster than everyone else. Its not, the BMW CCA event was the only time that might have been true. Most of the clubs I run with have much faster cars and drivers out there.

The weekend I ran with the BMW CCA I was actually there for a 3 days event. I ran with another club the friday before. I had a great time trying to keep up with some other very good drivers. But somehow I went from being about average in speed to being stuck behind rolling chicanes one after another. I was actually driving slower than the day before. I don't claim to be fast, but I know those cars on the track were slow compared to what I ran with the day before.

Now you can try to debate the meaning of "smooth" with me. The smooth you want as a driver is to keep the car on the outer edge of its traction circle at all times. You do that and drive the proper line and the car will appear, and be, smooth. However, that in no way implies you will be giving the car smooth inputs to achieve this. This is the common misunderstand that so many have and are heald back by. Sometimes to get the car to go fast while being smooth the driver must give it inputs that are not smooth. This will also very from car to car. What works in a stock e36 325 will be very different than a race preped E30.

What I find insteresting is just how many people that have never gone beyond the BMW CCA for their track time worship at its alter. Its really the big fish in a small pond syndrome. You need to get out and see what the rest of the clubs out there have to offer.
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