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  • The Iraq "war" and the lies that went into it (>4000 American soldiers dead, countless friends and family members grieving, we don't even know how many civilians dead)
  • The entire Enron scandal - not office holding repubs but major repub supports - tens of thousands of people loosing major investments or their retirement funds
  • Using a litmus test to only allow conservatives to be hired in the Department of Justice - several lawyers fired when they "failed" this test
  • Televangelist and repub supporter Ted Haggard has his little oopsie with the male prostitute - countless viewers and contributors to his ministry disillusioned
...wait, maybe that one is a good thing
  • Similar to the above, minus the ministry stuff, for Sen. Larry Craig
  • The veto of the child health care bill

These are the ones I could think of off the top of my head. The point I'm trying to make is, both parties have their morality issues. In my view though, what Edwards probably did pales in comparison to what some notable repubs have done.