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Originally Posted by smookey View Post
Hello everybody,

I have a problem. I feel, since the beginning, little vibrations in the steering wheel, when i'm around 120 to 150 km/h.

BMW center "balanced" the 4 wheels several times, tried other wheels, but the vibrations are still here!

A BMW France man will come an take a decision about changing some parts, but do you guys have had the same problem, or heard of it?

Any advice or experience is welcome!

Thank you in advance
Because they changed the wheels (and tires??) your problem should be in another component that rotates at the problem speed. To locate the problem many auto manufactures have recommended using vibration analyzers to solve the difficult to locate NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) problems. We use the OTC model EVA in my Powertrain Class to measure frequency and intensity. With the data you can then begin to zero in on the problem component.

This is a link to a vibration software site with information and equipment descriptions about how to locate the problem component.

Click on “Diagnostics” on the left side and then scroll down to the “road test” section. This should give you an idea what needs to be done.

Warning: IF the dealer did not test drive with a completely different set of tires and wheels, then your problem could be just your tires and wheels. It is possible to have tire and wheel vibrations that are not corrected by balancing. I have seen tires that were “balanced” by just putting on wheel weights so they look like they were balanced.

Check out this link about advanced tire balancing and service:
Read the sections regarding “Run-out, Force Variation, and Mounting Error.
Most BMW Service facilities in my area are using this equipment and it is also recommended by many other vehicle manufacturers. Light weight suspensions and sensitive BMW owners that want their vehicle vibration free require better quality service equipment.

There are also videos showing the equipment being used:
Just click on the video icons.

Please let us know what happens.