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Originally Posted by ArtPE View Post
in case you didn't realize...the e9x M3 IS a STREET car...licensed, designed and approved for street use...I am aware of no racing series using a showroom M3 as it's standard car...the license plate brakets are a dead give away...

I would say the person who would pay 5k for a bbk with no tangible benfit, and actually disadvantages on a street car, is the less informed, and chooses based on 'form' not function...
they do so based on a lack of mechanical knowledge, driving experience, both road & track, and are easliy swayed by arguements based solely on 'bling'...not fact..

to each their own...they gotta sell this stuff to know the old saying, a sucker born every minute, a fool and his money are soon parted...chia pets

btw, your whole premise is assume it's a better design, that is not correct...they each have their strengths & weaknesses, and on a street car (and moderate driving school, etc. use) the sliding are a better application...

I gurantee, if they were painted, people wouldn't give a shyte

wow... i didnt realize....

and your points are off topic and invalid.. and a lil dum...

i just dont think i can carry on with this argument with you....