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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
A few comments, yes from another engineer, scientist and former brake designer and engineer...

Art: To calculate swept area (and swept area per weight of vehicle) you need to consider the area swept by the pad. So rotor diameter is a decent approximation for swept area but not perfect.

I completely side with Art on the magazine testing here. From the test gear, Futek and Racelogic to the methodology, it is pretty solid. As well the conclusions are solid. The Nissan with the lowest end, total poser Bembo system simply sucks. The brakes on this car are about looks above all else and this clearly shows that piston count is very low on the list of things that matter. No surprise that the 335i performs better. As well no surprise that the Z06 and PCCB and non PCCB cars exhibit less fade than the 335i.

Generally I heavily question a source. So I am sensitive the the poor quality of testing and evaluation that some car rags produce. In this case you just can not throw out the baby with the bath water.

It is my understanding of the carbon ceramic material used in the PCCB rotors that the principal advantages of the material are longevity and weight, much more so than fade resistance or braking power. However that being said the rotors are very likely not contributors to any fade in the system. That is likely the pads, fluid and brake lines. This could be improved but again PCCB brakes or not the Porsches are street cars, not race cars.
I knew that, i was only looking at order of magnitude...
measure from 'ridge' to 'ridge'

my point was, M3's are have more than adequate brakes...very good ones in fact...

as far as PCCB's, you are spot on: weight/life...but it doesn't hurt that they cost 10k$ either...

bingo! pads/fluid/brake lines...

Bosch states one disadvantage of the fixed caliper is that the transfer line crosses right over the edge of the rotor, the hottest point...