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Originally Posted by KINGLEH View Post
the issue is not street here... (as a E9x M3 is not a basic 'street' car). so quit wondering off the topic....

drum brakes for the most part.. are good enough for the street...

the issue is what would one choose...

and to not choose the clearer better design design..

then yes.... i would say that the person that would choose the single piston is just not as knowledgeable.. or doesn't have driving experience...
in case you didn't realize...the e9x M3 IS a STREET car...licensed, designed and approved for street use...I am aware of no racing series using a showroom M3 as it's standard car...the license plate brakets are a dead give away...

I would say the person who would pay 5k for a bbk with no tangible benfit, and actually disadvantages on a street car, is the less informed, and chooses based on 'form' not function...
they do so based on a lack of mechanical knowledge, driving experience, both road & track, and are easliy swayed by arguements based solely on 'bling'...not fact..

to each their own...they gotta sell this stuff to know the old saying, a sucker born every minute, a fool and his money are soon parted...chia pets

btw, your whole premise is assume it's a better design, that is not correct...they each have their strengths & weaknesses, and on a street car (and moderate driving school, etc. use) the sliding are a better application...

I gurantee, if they were painted, people wouldn't give a shyte