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Originally Posted by KINGLEH View Post
i would say that the person that would choose the single piston is just not as knowledgeable.. or doesn't have driving experience...
...similar mentality on the Lotus boards regarding lack of LSDs... people parroting the "company line" because they really don't know better.

Single piston brakes ...OK...if someone would find ONE race team that prefers the sliders over multipiston Iwould be amazed. Funny how every car I've ever seen that has an ability (within the rules) to change the brakes on a car
for racing goes to Brembo/Alcon/Stoptech/AP. I've never seen a team stick with sliders.

Sliders over Brembos...that's not even funny.

Originally Posted by badfish View Post
the answer to the poll is a no brainer. least it should be.

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