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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Sorry south, just going from memory. I thought you added the reference to the E92 later when you added the second pic post with the E92 exterior shots.
Just kidding.

I had three posts in that thread. The first one only showed exterior E90 pics, the second one those of the E92 and the last bunch were interior pics of both E90 and E92 per big's request. Jason probably added these to my OP. Didn't expect this to cause confusion.

Aha, you were holding out on us.

So, since that is 100% now, do you know whether or not the new iDrive will be on all new 3 series/M3 from late September SOP? Or will it be phased in on some cars (such as the E92/E93) a bit later in the model year?
Not really holding out, these information lines are mostly spare unless someone doubts what car that is. These pics still are part of a German press release. My guess is though that with the reopening of the Regensburg factory in September all cars will get the new iDrive.

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