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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
I mentioned it because I was trying to give you an idea of how much I know Porsches and have been around them for a good amount of time. I am VERY aware of how the dry sump GT1 engine is used ( i.e., in all motors used for racing, turbo, and GT cars, to prevent oil deprevation on high lateral loads, etc). That was not my arguement. I am aware the wet sump hasnt been used to race. That doesnt make any difference to its calibre.
Funny, I pegged you at ~18 as well.
You mention racing...Porsche has over 50,000 race victories in its long, rich racing history. Many more wins than BMW has, by a long shot. Well see what happens in ALMS, considering IIRC Porsche won the GT2 overall championship last year (or was it LMP2? or both? cant remember). Bmw is gonna have its hands full with the GT3RSR and F430 in ALMS. It took them 3 years to get a win in F1!

BTW-you say you have a 'Porsche in the garage' have a cayenne...while I personally thing theyre great...have you ever owned a boxster, cayman, 911?

I used to have an m3 (nearly 100K spent between car, mods and labor)...and nearly bought an e92 m3, so I know what theyre all about. It just isnt what I want in a car for the next 12 or so months (any neither was the m5 after looking at one, LOL). Still a good one nonetheless. Better than any offering audi or merc has.

At the end of the long as you like what you drive, its all good. I go through cars quite often. At least a new one every 12-15 months, so Ill have MANY more-including many more 911s and prob Cayman S' as well.
When did Porsche last have a victory in F1? Oh, that's right...

How many victories does Porsche have using the Cayman? Oh, that's right...

How many victories does the Cayman have in comparison to the M3? Oh, that's right...

Stop with this Porsche racing history and mentioning your Cayman. I might as well start talking about Porsche racing history in correlation with the Cayenne.

BMW has not campaigned a factory team since the nonsense of not letting them compete and Porsche's bellyaching about losing. The last time Porsche won in the GT1 or GT2 class was in 05. Since then, the F430 came out and Ferrari has been walking Porsche all over the track, HARD. When the M3 GTR was allowed to compete, it won, pure and simple.

So you are 18? A lot of years driving Porsches on the racetrack under your belt I see. I really don't understand why you even keep bringing up your cayman and this and that about Porsche. Porsche has a rear engine car getting beat by a 3900 pound Nissan and a so called mid engine sports car being watered down to not run around the 911. I really don't see the Cayman and the M3 as apples to apples. Plus, the M3 has the better tranny, motor, and daily useability. The Cayman has yet to lap faster than the M3 CSL, and that car came out when?