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Originally Posted by paulGT3 View Post
Thanks Tim for that another adult post.

You know what I this is mostly my fault I thought that more M3 owners tracked their cars.
This must not be the case if you did you would know the single piston BMW design would not
last. I have seen alot of previous generation M3s at the track I assumed that the E92 M3
would be on the track too but I can tell from posts like Art that many dont ever see the track
sorry for my incorrect assumption.
wait so one guy calls you out (because you were wrong) and you associate that with m3 owners not tracking their cars.

Why have you made the association between more caliper pistons = higher performance.

The number of pistons a caliper has is one of least important factors in a brake systems performance.

Granted higher performance brake systems tend to have more pistons... but that doesnt mean the multiple pistons are responsible for the extra performance... other factors have a much larger effect.

Originally Posted by paulGT3 View Post
So the summary was the BMW engineers didnt contract with a real performance brake company like Brembo till AFTER the M3 came out We will see the proper brake package come out next year or the 10 model. The proof is the 135i already is showing that BMW knows it fields a inferior brake setup on the Mcars and is correcting the problem.
Once again... the 135i does not have better brakes then the m3... it has more pistons in the calipers... but that again is the association your making between number of pistons and performance, which just isnt accurate.

Originally Posted by paulGT3 View Post
For you guys who felt it necessary to feel insulted and hurl insults I am a bit ashamed that this kind of behavior came in this type of forum. This rarely happens in the GT3 forums. Maybe the higher cost brings a more mature driver. What I saw here bordered on reminding me what the Nissan forum is like or even the Corvette forum are like. A bunch of bench racers quoting magazine tests from Road and Track or C & D.
Let me advise you that if you EVER bring those up in a Porsche forum or a Ferrari forum you WILL be attacked IMMEDIATELY. To get better information go to the track and hang out there and see what the people there are doing. They KNOW better than
ANY car mag or go to some serious tuners like GMG racing in Los Angeles or Sharkwerks in the Bay area for Porsche examples. GMG races GT3 RSRs in the Speed world Challenge races and brings their track knowledge to its customers. They have helped me set up my 997 GT3 Sharkwerks provided me my exhaust and my FIKSE wheel package.
Im sorry but your argument is that your butt dyno was a more accurate braking performance measuring device then the 2 data recorders c&d used in their braking test results.

Then you made some preposterous argument that because 2 factors in a comparison test (that had nothing to do with braking) weren't performance orientated... so now every test c&d does is BS.

As for you basically saying porsche and ferrari forums are better because their cars are more expensive well IMO thats a pretty stupid thing to say which isnt true. But hey if you dont want to be on here... no skin off any of our backs.
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