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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
The M3's won't be available for .9, tried and asked, they said no. So I bought it anyway.

Why would I knock you for having a home? You live in Missouri, I feel bad enough as is no need to pile on. By the way, that is sarcasm, as everything has been. Toyota builds solid, reliable, cars. Wish I bought a Tacoma instead of my Frontier.

I am not sure why I seem blind by stating the facts about the Cayman. I do have a Porsche in the garage, I am not a BMW zealot.

I appreciate the offer for the pics, maybe later, as I am still aroused by the pics of the Cayman you posted. That was more sarcasm by the way.
To take this thread further off-topic, here is what the M3 will be joining in the old garage: