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Originally Posted by xsilvor View Post
I'm quite content in Kansas City, though, I live in Kansas City, Missouri, so I'm not sure how lonely Kansas is. Thanks for asking though. The IS was my first car. I've enjoyed it every day I've owned it. It runs great, it was the right price, and at the time I bought it, it would have made the perfect project car. Since then, I've graduated, gotten a job and moved twice for that job. I could have bought an M3 already but then you wouldn't be making fun of my IS and we wouldn't be having any fun. Instead, I decided to buy a home. You can make fun of me for that, too, if you want. I will be buying an M3 soon. I won't be buying a Cayman S, but I'm not blinded enough by my obsession to miss the fact that it is an excellent car.

So, you can knock me all you want for owning and driving an IS. I love the thing. If it wouldn't knock my insurance up so much to have two cars (not being 25 sucks ), I would have kept them both. If you're neighbors 16 year old daughter likes it, she has good taste, and if you'd like, I'll mail you some pictures when I'm ready to sell and you can see if shes interested in it. 2003 Thunder Cloud Metallic. Gray interior. Thanks for the help man, you're something special.

Edit: Oh yeah, any word on whether M3s will be available at .9% later in the year? Maybe 1.9% like the other Ms?
The M3's won't be available for .9, tried and asked, they said no. So I bought it anyway.

Why would I knock you for having a home? You live in Missouri, I feel bad enough as is no need to pile on. By the way, that is sarcasm, as everything has been. Toyota builds solid, reliable, cars. Wish I bought a Tacoma instead of my Frontier.

I am not sure why I seem blind by stating the facts about the Cayman. I do have a Porsche in the garage, I am not a BMW zealot.

I appreciate the offer for the pics, maybe later, as I am still aroused by the pics of the Cayman you posted. That was more sarcasm by the way.