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Originally Posted by GT3 Tim View Post
I saw that one poster from Ireland noted that he had about 20 track days or so and that in higher heats, around laps 4 or 5, he would get a hint of fade. On the stock pads, I do not doubt it. With aftermarket pads, who knows? A fluid upgrade would help for sure. With cross drilled rotors on the M, I do NOT think off gasing was the cause of the fade...rather, I bet the fluid was starting to boil a bit. With a fluid upgrade, I bet the difference would be marked. I guess I will have to wait a bit longer and just do this myself and see what difference it makes.
In my e46 I boiled the brake fluid more than once. That was running upgraded brake fluid. I have not tried the new cars brakes on the race track. Quite frankly due to my very poor experience with previous BMW brakes I am very hesitant to take the car to the track.

Much like the GT3 of your I drove my Elise at buttonwillow on the oem brake pads. No fade despite it being 100+ outside. I did switch to R4 pads when the stock ones wore out because I wanted a different CF. Again, same equation, more rotor area per car weight, better ventilation of the rotor, better caliper design.

I should also note than on my E46 I recorded rotor temps that were still north of 1000F, after a cool down lap and returning to paddoc. Highest I managed on my elise was ~420F under similar conditions.

The caliper design is only part of the problem. The bigger problem for BMW is they have not made an effort in the past to control rotor temps. Perhaps the E92 is suddenly better, but I am not betting on it.
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