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Originally Posted by win-by-miles View Post
first pic looks crazy sick
yeah, we really like the pic. it was taken by one person and altered by him and a few others. it turned out okay

Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
wow thats a lot of pics
Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post
DAMN...lots of pics. what glass on that camera?
and that is not even all of the pics taken and posted up. Big Windy, i am not sure on the glass used. the fish eye pics were taken by a group member who told me he got the lens for something like $20 on ebay. the majority of the non-fish eye pics were taken by another group member. all i know is that the camera looked tough. i can get the info on the cameras if you would like.

Originally Posted by TITIVE07 View Post
Thanks for the share !! Cool pics
thanks for taking a look and reply posting. we are trying to get out group out there. i guess posting pics is one way of doing it

Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
Seeing a 335 with a CF roof, and the M3 without one boggles my mind!

Sweet pics though. Must of been alot of fun to cruise around like that.
yeah, it throws me off at times.

most of the pics turned out nice.

we did just a bit of cruising. i think folks were a bit puzzled by such a mix of euros. most of the time, it is one make or the other.

i was happy with the fair sized turnout.

Originally Posted by BMWDEMON View Post
ton of pics! thanks for sharing!

Originally Posted by Ilia@IND View Post
So many pictures!!
not enough pics!!! LOL. thanks for reply posting, y'all.

Originally Posted by Davinhci View Post
I can only see first pic, cool tho
that is weird. there is a guy on another forum who commented the same thing.

i had photobucket failure with bandwidth exceeded. i upgraded to pro, and still he cannot see the pics except the first one. that is weird. the rest of the folks viewing my posts can see them.

if i find out what the problem is, i will let you know.