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Art I cant take you seriously if you are going to quote car and driver really.

Car and Driver has NEVER executed a Valid test EVER! You are an engineer?
for who?

Everyone knows those guys are a bunch of hacks. Not only that I can attest
having track experience in all three designs for Porsche that the
PCCBs are much better than the iron brakes on a 997, I have driven both
iron brakes on my 993 Twin Turbo and the Gen I PCCBS on my 996 GT3 and the Gen II
PCCBs on my 997 GT3 I can tell you from experience the reduced unsprung weight helps in so many ways and then there is no fade which I was able to experience on my TT on track days in the 100 degree days of summer. I dont care what a bunch of hacks from some rag say. I know better. Period. And IF you are a real engineer as am I you should
know to use better sources for information. Really. Please dont go to the track and get in a conversation and start quoting Car and Driver or Road and Track. I dont want you to get laughed out off the grounds.
The very idea that you are saying M3 brakes are better than a 997 is getting rediculous
Nobody would seriously argue that
Try going to Rennlist or 6Speed online or Ferrari chat and argue that point!LOL!

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