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Originally Posted by PLAYON View Post
I believe that light turns left and right when you turn the wheel left and right, to "see around corners" adaptive lighting or something like that.
These "cornering" lights are not part of the adaptive system. These only supply a little "curb illumination" at speeds up to 40 mph (and they do work in reverse, for some unkown reason). They are NOT the fash to pass lights; that function is handled by the bi-xenons.

The adaptive feature (steering into curves) is also part of the bi-xenons. The fact they only work on the Auto setting is annoying to me.

"Xenon Adaptive Headlights
Our Xenon Adaptive Headlights with distinctive corona rings began as a groundbreaking idea that went on to become a major advancement in safety. Using an electromechanical system, our adaptive headlights follow the direction of the wheels. So as you begin cornering, the headlights turn into and around the bend, which allows you to see more of the road, sooner. Xenon lights, another BMW innovation, help provide clarity by emitting twice as much light as halogen light, while using half as much energy."

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