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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Kingleh, Swamp is on target here, so no point in arguing. He is pointing out the other factors that affect braking performance more than the number of pistons. Airflow has everything to do with that.

Weight of the rotors constitute thermal mass for heat to be dissipated effectively without melting down everything in sight. Creating friction between the pad and the rotor by applying pressure is just one part of the deal. Dissipating the generated heat effectively is the other. If the rotors do not have adequate thermal mass to transfer the heat and dissipate it away from the calipers, the brakes will be in trouble. (Keep in mind the majority of the rotor is not in contact with the pad, and is surrounded by cooler air, and thus heat transfer via convection between rotor and air.)

number is pistons is irrelevant.. its the design of the caliper..

a multi piston caliper is a type of design.. the number of pistons doesn't really matter... like 6 or 8 pots.. whatever...

im not arguing the number of pistons.. im arguing the design...

and i totally agree with the air thing....

its hot here!.. 105 today!!.. i cant think straight..