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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
I don't think anyone is complaining the M3s brakes are ineffective anywhere except on a race track while being pushed very hard.

However, that doesn't change the fact that the caliper design is painfull to work with and they will fail under track conditions.

Should you expect a street cars brakes to hold up on a race track, normally no. However they do market the car as suitable for those purposes.
the pads can be changed in minutes...I've done it...

they will not fail...100-0 35 times in 14 minutes?
that's a lot of energy dissipation...

good pads (at the expense of rotor wear)
solid bushings (at the expense of NHV)
SS lines, no real negatives

and you're good to go...the reason the Porsche may outlast the M3, is ~400 lbs of weight, the brakes are no more efficient...but then again, 2 different design objectives...
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