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Originally Posted by Mickb View Post

Before I beign, would like to preface this with the fact that my brembo bbk for my e92 just arrrived and I had ordered it before I got the car.

I might not be as experienced as you chaps but I have 20+ track days under my belt, have done various advanced driving courses and been to the ring a couple of times for BMW driver training.

Just wanted to report on the actual performance of the braking system in the car (regardless of the rotor size, material, piston numbers etc). I did a track day in my E92 at Mondello park here in Ireland a few weeks ago. Its a tight track that is very hard on brakes.

Personally, I was surprised that the brakes didn't fade as badly as I would have expected. Sure there was fade, bu it was manageable. I found that if I was doing 4-5 lap stints, laps 4-5 were dodgy, but 10 minutes in the paddock and I was ready to repeat with typically good performance for laps 1-3 again. If you forget the fade issue, in terms of stopping distance the brakes are right up there and more than enough to trigger abs and make my ps2's the limiting factor.

In terms of diagnosing the fade, the nature of my pedal travel suggested it was a pad/fluid issue rather than any issue of clamping force.

So in fairness, I had to reckon that changing hoses, changing the stock fluid to dot 5.1 or somethign and putting a set of performance pads on the car would give you a braking system that will work for 95% of people.

Yes I am glad I have my brembos, but I recognise that its a function of looks and ease of pad change as much as anything (because I probably could have made the above changes far cheaper and had a decent system)