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Originally Posted by mightyaa View Post
I'll be doing my first autocross sunday. SCCA Solo II, class SS... so I'll be facing Elise's and Vettes running sticky tires and vetran drivers. Gonna get monkey stomped with the stock tires, but hopefully learn a thing or two about what the M3 can do. I'll play with tire pressures, and load them with nitrogen (a trick for less heat expansion)... My E90 will look like a whale paddocked around all the Elises. I'll probably start with 35/37 pressures and see where to go from there, and I'll try to leave the EDC on normal with everything else cranked up.
It really should be in AS. Having driven both the M3 and the elise at autocross no way it keeps up.

For tire pressure I have had good luck with 36-40 front (depending on temp and tire) and 34-36 rear. Resist the temptation to run more pressure in the rear than the front. The car actually works better the other way around.
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