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First of all I appreciate everyones response. For the most part everyone stayed adult about it. I was really curious.
I disagree with most of you on the track car issue. I think the M3 is a FINE track day vehicle. In fact I would love to take one to the track and I have alot of friends who drive them when i am there with the GT3. I didnt want an arguement I HATE flame wars.
I am not a troll, I have had two 335i's one Z4M and my favorite is my current X5 4.8iS Hot rod SAV. Just a luxurious fun family truckster than has the best V8 exhaust note I have heard on any truck. If I was a Porsche Troll I would have a Cayman (Z4M was more fun) and a Cayenne S ( X5 4.8iS is better looking and faster!)
The other thing I agree with most of you is that the current M3 brake package is fine for most buyers. I just love the styling and I miss the brake caliper asthetic value a nice caliper adds. The M3 is the best package I have found in the price range.
So I think we have put this to bed. There will be more to come since I found out that BMW has contracted with Brembo.
Just remember one magazine single stop test doesnt mean they are the best brakes. It comes down to your 15th lap at Willow springs and you are coming down the front straight at 140 and you go deep into turn one. IS there going to be some fade and how much. If I buy an M3 I would certainly head to Willow as soon as I could. I think its that good.

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