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Originally Posted by BIGNTASTIE View Post
Is changing tires for the winter that important? I got the 19inch with sports tire options. Do i really need to change the tires for the winter?? thanks
You've got plenty of evidence via google and indeed via this thread.

Only way to know for sure is to try it yourself. I've heard accounts from folks on E90Post who've done just that and can't get the car to move for shit.

Basically, a car in the winter without proper tires is a timebomb, in my mind. I'll allow that I'm being a bit dramatic here, but realistically, if you can't control the car then you are basically risking the lives of others because you decided to cheap out. On the other hand if you are like Colin McRae (rest his soul) and can handle a car any time under any conditions then go ahead and drive around all winter on your hockey pucks. It might actually be fun or something.
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