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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
I'd imagine it would be a great lawsuit against BMW if they sold you stock tires that would slide off the road as soon as it gets to freezing temperatures. Of course the traction goes down with colder temps, but like I said unless you're on the track it's not an issue.

They print on their brochures that summer tires are not intended for use in the snow. In Germany if you are caught with summer tires in an area with snow, they can fine you for creating a danger to others or something along those lines.

I disagree about tires not needing traction unless you're on a track. The difference between hitting someone could be 1ft. If my tires can't get the right grip because they weren't made for a certain climate than that is all the difference in the world.

And while it says I live in CA, I am from NY/NJ. I have done the cold weather thing there - that's partly why I left. I have gotten stuck on the road before with summer tires in the snow. And as for cold weather driving, you can def. tell the difference.

My advice to the original poster is go on tire rack or even buy a used set of 17" or 18" rims with Blizzaks on them. You save miles on the expensive summer tires while getting the best possible level of traction possible.