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Originally Posted by gmund1948 View Post
If you were waiting for the 09 you may be looking at a healthy price increase

BMW news in Germany is they are disgusted with the lease losses in the American Market as well as the weak american dollar SO

They are working on 40K less cars from the US Market to more profitable
markets and on top

Dont be surprised to see up to a 10 percent difference in Pricing

That would seriously suck. I have a pretty early 09 build date (week 37) and recently got a print out of the order from my CA to confirm everything, etc. MSRP on everything there is still listed as 'Blocked'. CA thought the increase for 09s would be around 1% (but then what else is he going to say). But 10%? 6k? I dunno if I will be willing to swallow that kind of an increase.

Anyone have an idea on when the updated pricing comes out? If they stay on schedule, they will start building in 4 weeks.