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Originally Posted by Herms View Post
I hate to ask the obvious, but if normal is better than sport, why have the sport setting? Seems odd, though general consenus seems to be normal is the way to go.
Sport mode is passive, meaning, the computer sets a damping ratio when you put it into sport mode and then leaves it alone. Normal mode is active, in which the computer continuously adjusts the damping ratio. Some people do not want the computer to be adjusting the damping ratio as they are driving, and as an option, BMW has provided them with a passive setting. We know for a fact that in normal mode, depending on the driving conditions, the damping ratio can actually be more aggressive than it will be in Sport mode. Also, I didn't say that Normal is just "better". Better is a subjective term without qualification. I said "better performance" in the sense that normal mode should be "faster". You can't beat a well optimized computer system. Then the question becomes, "Is the Normal setting in EDC optimized for turning fastest possible laps on a race track?" Probably not, but I still don't know that one can easily beat it in Sport on a race track. I've read in several places that BMW has obtained its fastest Ring times during testing in Normal, which brings up the other question of "fastest possible lap around which race track?" since the system would probably need to be optimized further for a specific track for best results at that track.

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