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Originally Posted by badfish View Post
Crap, you are good. I think I found that clip on my old brakes. Is it this guy below? Wire looks plenty long, maybe I'll try it next time when my wheel is back off.

I took off the driver side wheel today and I think I found the box you were talking about. When the car was originally lowered, it had no problems. But I had to have the shop take the rear spring back out to put in the perches for the KW. That's when the headlights started aiming way high. I adjusted them back down.

Is this the box in question below? If so, what kind of damage is normally done? I didn't see any breaks in the wire and I don't know how to test the box. What other consequences does having this box not functioning have?

The driver side has clips for a brake pad sensor but the wire is not to be found anywhere. So I assume this sensor is passenger side only.

Thanks for your help, you really have good expertise in this.
In order:

1. Yes, that's the spring. Slip it into the slot in the sensor then push the sensor into the slot in the backing plate until it snaps into place. You're done.

2. The sensors are on both sides at the front but only on the passenger side at the rear. Driver's side rear has no sensor (as you found).

3. The pix looks like your ride height sensor but I'll pop a rim off tomorrow and look again. I'm bleeding the brakes again anyway...