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Originally Posted by badfish View Post
I took off my wheel today and found some wires ziptied to the suspension arm. I think it was done when my car was lowered and now I'm wondering if this has anything to do with my headlights auto-adjusting way high.

Here are two pictures, one up close. Between the two zip ties on the suspension arm, there is a black object sticking out and it's attached to a wire. Where's this supposed to go? Perhaps to a brake pad sensor or something as I do have BBK.

This picture is of your brake pad sensor. It's apparently not used with your BBK. When I had a Stoptech BBK, the sensor fit the ST40 pads - apparently this doesn't work with your setup.

If your height adjuster isn't working on the headlights, that's a different sensor and wire. Look for a little rectangular box with a lever on it and a wire. At the front its on the driver's side. If they left the lever hooked up while they did suspension work they may have damaged it.