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Lets talk about wheel offset

I read a lot of posts about wheel offset but there appear to be disparate views on the subject. There are two specific areas I would like to be educated on.

1) Aftermarket wheels are often wider than stock. Should wider wheels be selected with the same offset as OEM or should we select wheels that provide the same track as the stock car? If I buy wheels that are 1/2" wider than stock, I would be inclined to purchase the same offset as OEM so that the wheel would protrude an additional 1/4" on the outside of the car and an additional 1/4" toward the inside. My uninformed reasoning would be that this leaves the centerline of the tire in the same place and thus acceleration and braking forces are in the same place relative to steering pivots, etc. What is your advice and why?

2) Wheel spacers??? If the wheels we want are not offered in the correct offset should we use wheel spacers to correct the offset or should we only buy wheels with the correct offset? I have read some negative opinions of wheel spacers, but I am unclear why they are a problem. For those who don't like wheel spacers, can you tell me what performance or reliability problems I might encounter from their use?