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Originally Posted by footie View Post
You have to remember that an M3 is a mass produced (100,000 models) car and is designed for primarily road use by normal drivers. To have a system like I am suggesting I think it would have to be linked to the Sat-Nav that knows when you are on a known race track and only engage then, much like the speed limiter of the Japanese GTRs.

MDM, isn't a great system, it may be better than before but what is required is something similar to the F430. In it's best setting the car can lap within 0.1~0.2s of the car with all settings turned off, such a system may had cost a lot to develop and that's why it's only currently available on very expensive Ferraris.
most car mag tests show the cars are quicker with trqaction control fully off - except I recall the COrvette seemed to have a system that was faster in track mode.