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Sweeeet! Everything worked out and the exhaust was installed perfectly, piece of cake!
First reaction I had was that the Sport is definitely louder, deeper, and much more aggressive than OEM; regardless of what the numbers say.

The sound is a deep base upon start up or take off; and literally turns heads where ever i drove, and in a "pause walking, turn your head, what car is that coming look," not a "bad WTF look" I'm not sure if this is temporary, much like the nasty smell; but my car gurggles and rumbles when decelerating now, very mean sound. Buddy of mine mentioned, " I can usually hear you coming from a block away; today, I could hear you from about 3."

I'm still getting used to the sound, but I am very satisfied so far and will post pics of exhaust and some more feedback on the install tomorrow. Also, pipes were welded on as well; and placed to the OEM look( not much option on the coupe, will explain later), in which the pipes do extend about 1 to 2" past the diffuser upon the metal warming up and are flush when cold.

Funny, I can notice what OEM lacks now IMO. OEM's rumble was absent at low rpms and engine sound is very apparent. Eisenmann Sport, is growling/rumbling off that bat and enhances the overall sound of the car in combination with the engine intake sound. At throttle the exhaust just gets better and as "I" prefer, the engine sound becomes slightly equal to the exhaust under hard throttle; I imagine Race would muffle engine sound much more.

Thanks for all the help IND!!

2008 E92M3-Space Gray
Eisenmann Sport Exhaust_MT/Loaded

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