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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
It is taking me some time to feel comfortable doing heel & toe in my E92 M3. I was pretty comfortable with it in my E46 325. This obviously has to do with many things such as clutch engagement and drivetrain rotational intertia differences between the two cars and so on. But I am also wondering about pedals. Has the spacing between the throttle and the break pedals increased? My foot was semi-jammed in the gap the other day, and fortunately, I was not on the track in a 120 mph braking zone. Does anyone have any recommendations for aftermarket pedals that might reduce the gap a little?
Before you go start modding your pedals I would advise you practice braking a bit later (and by default harder) than you normally do now. The gas pedal is designed to be, and will be, much easier to blip under heavier braking. It's not really designed to be heel-toe blipped under light casual braking. Also it might help to be in Sport Plus accelerator setting as this will make the pedals more sensitive. On the track, you're braking so hard that instead of rolling your foot you almost have to pivot on the ball of your foot and stab the gas with your heel. If you ever drive an older car or a formula anything race car with no power assisted controls you really have to jab the gas for even a small blip.