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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I wished the manufacturers offered the driver to option of either having stability control or traction control on. They always disengage the traction control first, leaving the stability control on.....why?

With just the right amount of play a good traction control system can prove a benefit on the track, especially with cars that suffer traction issues exiting a corner. Where as stability control system affect the car's balance and attack of a corner and thus ultimately affect it's corner speed, traction control only affects the amount of traction the driven wheels receive. This would allow less experienced drivers to lean on the power more and more without really affecting the lap times.

The ultimate system would be an adjustable one where you have the control to alter how much of a safety net is available.

What's your thoughts on such a setup?
I guess if they had an F1 type of traction control you would be faster- but it removes the skill and challange. I just prefer both off. thank goodness BMW allows that as many makes dont.