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Originally Posted by slapmyfro View Post
every single girl in this thread has bigger than normal eyes. like they have either had surgery or there just more "caucasion" looking

there not the typical asians

funny how every pic is of these types of girls.
i'm 100% chinese and my eyes are fucking gigantic, do you have a problem with that too?

Originally Posted by MrSteak View Post
Ha, fair enough... to each their own.

Although, it makes me wonder what kind of "cute/pretty Asian girl" you'd say yes, yes, yes to? (Curious and this thread could use a little revival.)
Haha, yeah my opinion just differs. I go to Hong Kong and I see girls like this, but I'm not really going to take a second look at them because they just look kinda funny to me. I grew up around Asians, so the ones I think are cute just do a bunch of little things different such as how they style their hair and what not.

Originally Posted by limited_slip View Post
valid point. I do have a confession to make though. I am just a bit fascinated because I never seen such small and featureless women before.

Is there a starvation problem in Asian or something?

P.S. This is not a racist thread. I didn't say anything racist. I am just saying that asian women look so skinny and pale and that they are featureless. never made any negative or degatory remarks regarding any specific race.
Originally Posted by limited_slip View Post
I dont like asian girls. they remind me of little boys.

Asian girls are featureless. no boobies no butt no curves.
Originally Posted by limited_slip View Post
Man...look at all of these fobs getting all mad at me for voicing my opinion.

actually, I like asian girls now. They are so small and tiny that I can easily give them a pink sock.
Originally Posted by limited_slip View Post
someone please lock this thread. all the fobs are getting offended
I understand you don't mean any offense to the people who like this thread, but how are those things not racist? I could go around pointing out that a lot of white chicks have no butt or curves, but they can have huge tits cause they're munching on fatty things all day.

And a lot of Asian girls are skinny because in Asia, that's the thing with them. They like the girls pale (but not scary pale) and skinny. They don't starve themselves, but they look at their weight. Maybe not as much as some women in the US with problems might, but they probably try to maintain their figure.