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LOL - I know all about ordering cars before seeing them and regretting the final specs, it's happened to me a few times. I have the brushed aluminum and I think it looks a bit cheap as well, plus the piece on the drivers' door was scratched by my wristwatch when I tried to get something from the door pocket, so I'm definitely considering changing the trim to carbon leather. If someone can post part numbers and pricing if they have it I'd be very grateful.

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"Man", while you were thinking what hamburger drive-through you'll visit when you'll get your new M3, last year in July, also the time when I gave my specification so my car would get a September allocation I didn't know what the Titanium Shadow looked like. When I was invited at Nurburgring in September for a test drive and I saw all the trims and colors, it was too late to change anything.

About those threads started by kids, I already had my car by then!

Enough flaming... maybe someone will reply to what I posted in the first place so I can get my $135000 M3 looking like the $70000 ones, once and for all.