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Originally Posted by argonboy View Post
I'm thinking about changing the titanium shadow trim, which IMO brings down the look of the car. Considering Hartge CF, but I'm not crazy about it.
Not sure in other countries but here in the United States, that Hartge cf kit cost $4k+ USD. Also, not sure if you know or not but the oem cf leather is VERY fragile/delicate. I'm use to leaning my left knee on the door panel but after a few weeks of doing that, I noticed that area was starting to get hairline scratches (easy to clean & get rid of). Thus, now I don't lean on the door panel anymore.

Originally Posted by eeeboy View Post
Are you talking about the lame stock CF "material" looking trim, or the glossy sweet looking CF trim?
Glossy cf trim looks nice but I like cf leather b/c it's unique & different. Prior to ordering, I was kinda reluctant but after seeing it in person I knew I made the right choice.

Originally Posted by argonboy View Post
I thought everyone agreed that the "real CF" package in the performance accessories line is only for the E92 non-M3 because it doesn't doesn't have the cut-out for the the Power, EDC, and DSC off buttons.
Yep, that one is only for non-M3 for the reasons stated.
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